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Organisation/Management Structure

The two main ruling bodies of Inades Formation International Kenya Office are :

i) Orientations Committee.

ii) Advisory Management Committee.

They are transitional as the country prepares to create a National Association in line with elsewhere where Inades Formation works.

The Orientations committee for Inades Formation International Kenya office is comprised of people of different backgrounds who are interested in development and in a special way development for the marginalized rural communities. These people (men and women) are accorded an opportunity for deeper understanding of Inades-Formation philosophy, values and development approach.

If interested, they would then be invited to become members and create a National Association. The National Association would then help promote the aim of Inades-Formation as set out in its Articles of incorporation. The general aim of the Association is to work for the social and economic advancement of the people with emphasis on the peoples’ own free responsible participation in the transformation of their societies. The Association would undertake to work in a spirit of service and in collaboration with other institutions, corporate bodies and individuals pursuing the same goals.

As a precursor to a National Association, the orientations committee ;

a) Receives strategic orientations for critique before approval by the Management Advisory Committee.

b) Receives for critique Annual Progress reports.

c) Offers support to Management Advisory Committee in setting up of a National Association.

d) Elects the Management Advisory Committee

The Advisory Management Committee is a body of five (5) members elected by the Orientations committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). It plays more or less the same role as that played by a Board of Directors where there is a National Association. Its mandate is spelt out through by-laws approved by International Governing Council. This is the highest executive body of Inades-Formation. Primarily the Advisory Management Committee is delegated to :

a) Advise and approve orientations and plan of Action prepared by the National Office. In doing so it shall be guided by resolutions of IF General Assembly, Rules and Procedures of Management, Philosophy and Mission of IF.

b) Discuss and approve annual work plans before proposing them to the Governing Council for final approval.

c) Monitor execution of budget and any approved amendments.

d) Evaluate activities of IFIKO staff/ NO, assessing efficiency and impact on rural communities.

e) Advise the Human Director on Human Resource Management.

f) Select and propose candidate for appointment as a Managing Director by president of IF.

g) Prepare and set up of National Association of IF in Kenya.

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