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Financial Solidarity Initiatives

To respond to the gap/need of availability of credit facilities to peasant farmers Inades-Formation International Kenya Office supports local community initiatives on financial solidarity. Currently Inades-Formation Internatyional Kenya Office is working with four facilities/units at Mwala (2005) Mbiuni (2006), Kathama (2007) and Kauma (2009).

Members of Mbiuni Sofdev outside their Sofdev facility during one of their meetings.

Excluding Kauma, the youngest, the others have :-

• Combines membership of 2853.

• Cumulative savings of Kshs.9 674 600

• Loan given Kshs. 6 857 810.

• Number of people who have benefited from the loans 470.

The loans have been put into different uses e.g. starting or expanding businesses, purchase of land, dairy cows, buying seeds and/or other farm inputs, health, education e.t.c.

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