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Natural Resources Management

Due to a combination of factors including light poor soils, overstocking in the past, population expansion, charcoal burning as an economic activity, sedentary farming much of the land in lower Eastern Province where Inades-Formation International Kenya Office works is of little economic value. The soils are infertile and are poor in holding moisture. There are too many patches of degraded lands with hardly any vegetation. Yet population in those areas continue to increase. Food security is a major issue. The area is a food net importer. The situation had been exacerbated by the changing climatic patterns – less and more irregular rainfall seasons.

To mitigate against the effects of the above factors Inades-Formation International Kenya Office has started stimulation and/or promoting techniques for land revitalization and conservation for more productive and increased arable land. This programme component has three specific objectives viz ;

A farmer in his recently rehabilitated farm

-  Promote water harvesting and soil protection techniques.

-  Promote small holder farm forestry systems.

-  Promote rehabilitation of degraded sites.

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