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Inades-Formation International Kenya Office has provision for and encourages partners to work together in areas of common interest and which are of interest to the local community. The partnership is guided by :

-  Is the thematic area of interest to the local community ?

-  Is it within the area of focus for IFIKO ?

-  Is the target area (geographical within the target area for IFIKO as well as the partner(s) ?

-  Is there provision within IFIKO work plan ?

Inades-Formation International Kenya Office is a member of Pelum Kenya. Pelum Kenya is a network of 36 NGOs and CBOs in Kenya whose areas of focus include ecological land use management.

Similarly IFIKO is a member of Kenya Biodiversity Coalition (KBiOC) a loose coalition in Kenya. As a member of KBIOC, Inades-Formation International Kenya Office has been working to create awareness to the local communities on Biotechnology and jointly with other members to influence policies touching on biotechnology.

Kenya Government has already enacted a law allowing use of Biotechnology. The regulations are being debated on. Kenya Biodiversity Coalition has been vocal regarding legislation which allows introduction of GMOs in Kenya.

Inades-Formation International Kenya Office works in collaboration with African Biodiversity Network especially on issues affecting small holder farming – seed security, emerging technologies, climatic change e.t.c.

IFIKO had partnered with local FM station (Mbaitu FM) on a programme titled “Uthwii Muundani” (wealth from the farm) to create awareness and motivate peasant farmers to practice “Farming as a business”.

Examples of partners include :-

-  Extension officers in Ministry of Agriculture.

-  Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI).

-  Horticultural Crop Development Authority (HCDA).

-  Osho Chemicals.

-  Kenya Forest Research Institute (KEFRI).

-  Kenya forest Services (KFS)

-  Pelum Kenya

-  African Biodiversity Coalition (ABN).

-  Solar Cookers International EA.

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